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Medical Equipments

Measuring microscope

Measuring Microscope

Are you looking for the finest quality Measuring Microscope? We are offering high quality measuring microscopes. Our Measuring Microscope is apt for measuring lengths (with coordinate eyepieces).


Medical loupes

Medical Loupes

A wide range of magnification levels and working distances available with medical loupes from ZEISS.


Technical specifications

Technical Specifications

Rate mode, Time mode ,Dose mode Various brands of Sterile Syringes : 2m1, 5m1, 10m1, 20m1, 30m1, 50m1/ 60m1


Hand held ecg monitor

Hand Held Ecg Monitor

Exquisite, compact and comfortable design Easy carry, Simple operation, Quick Result Large and High resolution LCD screen with back light Fast measurment in just 30 seconds


Test tubes & centrifuge tubes

Test Tubes & Centrifuge Tubes

Plain I/C Stopper, Graduated, Tubes With Stopper Graduated, Round Bottom Graduated, Centrifuge Vessel in Spherical And Cylindrical Shape with Certificate also.


Electric ventilators

Electric Ventilators

Max Meditech offers microprocessor based technology in a compact, self contained ventilator system.


Iv infusion set for secondary medication

Iv Infusion Set For Secondary Medication

Ideally suited for Secondary Medications. Available in both vented (for bottles and bags) and non-vented (for plastic bottles) sharp spike for better penetration. ISO 8536-4 compliant spike ISO 594/1 & ISO 594/2 compliant- end connection. Soft clear flexible tubing. Sterile, Non-Toxic and Pyrogen Free.Sterilized by E.O. Gas.


Six laser ts - vet

Six Laser Ts - Vet

For the first time in the world Six Laser TS has launched a veterinary laser exclusivedly for dogs with graphic illustration of the dog treatment protocols. This apparatus has a built-in therapeutical guide containing data and recommendations for the relevant therapy, anatomical description of the spot to be irradiated, recommended dosage in J (Joul), number and frequency of the applications, expected results and recommendations for the r3elevant therapy. SIX LASER TS is available with an infrared and/or red laser probe. Upon being attached laser probes are detected and recognized by the apparatus. Specialized tips are used to direct the irradiation to the spot to be treated.


Medical air technology

Medical Air Technology

Compressed air for utilisation as breathing air in the medical technology sector is subject to special requirements. A reliable provision of human beings with breathing air entails a high level of responsibility. Compressed air as breathing air for patients is defined in the updated European Pharmacopoeia (7. supplement, 4. edition 2004).


Desktop ultrasonic nebulizer

Desktop Ultrasonic Nebulizer



Flexible thermometer

Flexible Thermometer



Vertical traction dhz871

Vertical Traction Dhz871

The elliptical shape of the natural movement recruits all the muscles involved in the lateral pulldown exercise Range of movement is divergent for better involvement of the latissimus muscle The plane of movement is slightly in front of the shoulders in order to decrease shoulder strain


Data acquisition system

Data Acquisition System

HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a medium for information exchange and mutual communication between electromechanical system’s and the user. It allows the user to complete settings through touchable images or keys on the user-friendly window. This not only offer’s fast and convenient control of manufacturing automation, but also has replaced traditional controlling panel’s which need extensive wiring.


Blood circulation machine

Blood Circulation Machine

Quickly improve your Blood Circulation. Prevent the high and low blood pressure, Removes Lactic acid & Uric acid. Relax tiredness, improve insomnia. Ease pains in the shoulder, neck, waist and improve the phenomenon of cool hands and feet and anesthesia. Get rid of arthrosis rheumatism and nerves shrink. Frees up tight joints and organs. Improve the chronic disease such as: diabetes, lung bronchitis. Balances the Yin & Yang energy. Presses all reflex points.


Skin stimulating machine

Skin Stimulating Machine

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound directly delivers heat energy to skin and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skins collagen and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin.


Blood circulation machine

Blood Circulation Machine

Quickly improve your Blood Circulation. Prevent the high and low blood pressure, Removes Lactic acid & Uric acid. Relax tiredness, improve insomnia


Impulse analyzers

Impulse Analyzers

DR. STRAUSS GmbH was founded in 1985 by Dr.-Ing. Werner Strauss, a specialist with long experience in test- and measuring technique. The small HIGH-TECH-company is specialized on developement and manufacturing of equipment for digital impulse measurement and calibration especially for high-voltage and high-power applications. In August 2009 Dr.-Ing. Werner Strauss retired and overgave the company to two of his long-term employees Thomas Waldheuser and Torsten Piehl. We have a clear outlook for the company for minimum the next 25 years and guarantee all customers of DR. STRAUSS equipment best support and service, just like it has been our manner in the past.


Sacral pad

Sacral Pad

The Sacral Pad is commonly used for supine and lithotomy positions when there is not enough support to the sacral area The Sacral Pad provides the required support to the patients not only on the Sacral area but also in the peripheral region


 iml systems

Iml Systems

The Devanshi product portfolio spans across many different and diverse industries. Be it packaging or plastics, chemical or pharma, veteran industry experts rely on the quality assurance of our brand.


Bod incubators

Bod Incubators

ue to our expertise of this domain, we are manufacturing, exporting and supplying an extreme quality range of BOD Incubators in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Widely acclaimed among our clients for their high quality nature and hassle free performance.