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Paint Driers
Paints, Polish and Varnishes

Aryavart Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Aryavart Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. offers a complete range of Paint Driers developed specially for use as Driers in Paints and Varnishes. These are Metallic salts of synthetic carboxylic acid, and are characterised by controlled metal concentration, compatability with the paint media and are subject to rigid quality control tests. Salts of napthenic acid used as driers have excellent solubility and stability and they are offered as solutions in mineral turpentine at definite metal concentrations. Octoates/ Iso Octoates are metallic salt solutions of synthetic carboxylic acid which have a definite composition and are of the lightest colour. They compare in drying performance to naphthenates but have a lighter colour, lower viscosity and less odour and have a precise composition.