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Welcome to indiabizzness.com, a market place where every business person can find a solution to its business needs and have an opportunity to expand his business globally free of cost or at negligible cost. I introduce myself as Vijender Jain B.E. (Mech.), the founder of indiabizzness.com having experience of more than 42 years in setting up and running of various industries, business, international trading etc. The other co-founders are Ms. Shweta Mittal and Mr.Vaibhav Jain (B.Arch.). During my carrier, I strongly felt the need to create a platform where all the industries can meet their requirements of raw materials, machineries, spare parts, consumables etc. at the right price and shortest delivery time so that they can reduce their inventory as well as procurement costs. Today internet has connected the whole world in such a way that one can access the remotest part of the world with a click of mouse. Further, our Govt. is emphasising the importance of internet and all the Indian villages will be connected to broadband very shortly. Thus a very large market for all the consumer products is a waiting so that every Indian can trade online irrespective he is residing in a city or a remote village.

You can sell all your finished products viz. it may be machinery, industrial products or consumer goods by posting the same on our website, which is free of cost and sell the same directly without paying any commission. In this way, we try to remove not only the middle man but also to fetch the best price for your products because we know that the right buyer will pay the right price.

Further, I feel that many small,medium and large industries are having spare capacity which they are unable to utilize due to one reason or the other, which directly effects their profitability.I have created a platform which you can use to utilize the spare capacityby posting your offer, so that interested buyers can directly contact you. We don’t charge any commission for our services and you can directly negotiate with the client.

Many times business/ industries are having obsolete machinery, excess inventoryor excess raw materials which they want to liquidate to improve their cash flow but due to lack of contacts or publicity, they have to sell the same at throw away prices. As we all know that advertising on newspapers is very expensive, it covers only a small region of our country and it is only for one day, whereas posting your offer on our website,you can post all your offers along with any no. images till your product is sold for unlimited period.Your offer can be viewed by customers across the globe.

I strongly feel the need to help the sick industries which are either closed or on the verge of closure, because they are facing deep financial crisis and unable to revive or sell their venture due to lack of funds.I know many projects or businesses are set up by technical people with vast knowledge in their field but have lack of experience in running a business. As we all know that businessman in our country has to face many difficulties and harassed by most of thedeptts. Due to which sometimes it becomes sick. They can contact someone who can help them to revive by posting their requirements, free of cost.

Lastly, we can’t ignore the professionals who always guide us from time to time on various matters like legal, taxation, finance, construction etc. besides there are small technicians/skilled people who provide us different kinds of services to make our life easier, not only in industries but also at homes and daily life like electricians, carpenters, teachers, car mechanics, plumbers etc. They can also use our platform and offer their services, so that interested persons can directly contact them to avail their services.

Although, I have used my knowledge and experience to help all the business community yet there is always scope for more improvement. I invite your valuable suggestions and feedback and will try to implement the same for the benefit of other.

Jai Hind

(Vijender Jain) B.E.(Mech.)

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