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Polycarbonet Pipe
Pipes -steel, Plastics, S.S and others

Our company is one of the leading companies in India and the Polycarbonate Tubes and Pipes we supply are Polycarbonate Tubes and Pipes made from high quality solid polycarbonate material. The polycarbonate tubes and pipes we supply are lightweight with an excellent balance of clarity and toughness. Polycarbonate tubes/pipes with its high specifications are of different quality and performance. These are manufactured in different sizes and colors to meet the requirements of our customers. Due to its high strength, transparency, polycarbonate tube and pipe is virtually unbreakable and chemical resistant as well as U.V. Immunity prevents the spread of harmful ultra viruses. The uniform and smooth quality of our polycarbonate pipes product is weather, water and fire resistant. With our product's safe/protective, convenient to use and excellent mechanical strength, it has become the prime choice of industrialists, along with other key areas of choice, and is now used in laboratories, chemical plants, boilers, solvent plants and related industries.