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Ceramic powders

Ceramic Powders

Boron nitride is a man-made ceramic material prized for its excellent thermal and chemical stability and lubricating properties.


Exfoliated vermiculite

Exfoliated Vermiculite

It is an insulation mineral, poor conductor of heat and electricity. Raw vermiculite expands to 14 times on heating about 850 Celsius. Expanded Vermiculite is light weight (low bulk density) and chemically inert.


Quartz rod

Quartz Rod

Quartz rods are available today in variety of lengths and diameters while the Fused quartz rods come in standard diameter of 2 to 70 mm with Length 1200mm


Centreless wheels

Centreless Wheels

Centreless grinding is grinding the outer surface of any cylindrical part, supported without centres on a stationary work rest blade and moving between the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel. Normal speed of operation: 25 to 45 MPS.


Sintered alumina - macro grits

Sintered Alumina - Macro Grits

AzureS is a Sintered Alumina abrasives grain. It is manufactured by our patented state-of-the-art process through sol-gel technology.


White fused alumina - macro grit

White Fused Alumina - Macro Grit

White Fused Alumina is a high purity, synthetic mineral, manufactured by the fusion of controlled quality pure grade Bayer Alumina in an electric arc furnace at temperatures greater than 2000ËšC followed by a slow solidification process. Strict control over quality of raw materials and fusion parameters ensure products of high purity and high whiteness.


Vimcro barytes

Vimcro Barytes

Vimcro Barytes is a natural Barium Sulphate having high whiteness. It is also characterised by very high bulk density and inertness to both acids as well as alkalies. Vimcro Barytes is totally insoluble in water.


Vimcro talc

Vimcro Talc

Vimcro Talc is a Metamorphic Hydrated Magnesium silicate with a Soapy feel and Pealy luster.


Super gloss

Super Gloss

SUPER GLOSS, a special type of kaolin clay, is specially developed using advanced processing techniques. This is lavigated ultra floated bleached clay with extremely high brightness renders extremely high brightness renders excellent gloss and super dispersibility in paints. It also helps in reducing TiO2requirements in solvent-based paints without affecting gloss. This type of kaolinite clay, having brightness combined with ultra fine particle size helps to achieve excellent shade along with excellent print, gloss and hiding.