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Plastic Scraps

Ld plastic scrap

Ld Plastic Scrap

you are looking for purchasing qualitative and cost efficient ld plastic scrap, contact us today!Our stringent quality procedures and analysis as per the guidelines help us in presenting reliable product range.


Plastic scrap recycling

Plastic Scrap Recycling

Convenient plastic scrap recycling programs have become more available to a broad swath of the consumer market. Almost 200 million Americans have access to a plastic waste recycling program, whether through curbside collection by a city or private firm or at a drop-off collection center. Coupled with this increased consumer participation is a rising interest in the commercial applications of recyclable plastics. Energy concerns have drawn attention to used plastics as an alternative source of energy for industry. Rising costs of construction materials made of wood has driven the research and development of lumber made from compressed plastic debris. As old landfills close their gates, innovative companies are building plants which generate electricity by burning plastic scrap.


Ldpe clean & white trim bales

Ldpe Clean & White Trim Bales

Baled LDPE 60% Trim. They can be natural, white, or mixed per customer specifications. The LDPE baled trim is hand sorted.




Purge loads are sloppy and come in about 20,000 lbs every 3 weeks. Purge that comes from extrusion laminators and purge that comes from extrusion coaters. The laminated purge sometimes has small amounts of fill (calcium carbonate) or other additives from the respective customers’ own reclaim efforts. The coating purge can be PP as well as PE, but never together in one purge log/blob


Clear with print ldpe film with slight fiberglass contamination and small yellow stickers

Clear With Print Ldpe Film With Slight Fiberglass Contamination And Small Yellow Stickers

44,000 lbs. every 2-3 months Location: Kansas Pricing: $.22/lb.


Ldpe mulch bags and clear lldpe stretch film baled

Ldpe Mulch Bags And Clear Lldpe Stretch Film Baled

The bales are mainly compacted with Low Density Polyethylene bags used for mulch (wood wrap).


Pvc bottles - rigid

Pvc Bottles - Rigid

Rigid PVC bottles scrap, bales, bule tinted and green colour, shredded and bales.


Pvc carpet back / poolliner

Pvc Carpet Back / Poolliner

IPVC carpet backing scrap, without fiber contents, flexible black and brown colours. PVC poolliner sheets, mixed colour


Plastics & rubber

Plastics & Rubber

The components used in machinery within the plastics industry are subject to a wide array of mechanical stresses, whilst advanced material treatments such as high precision milling, advanced surface technology and heat treatments have evolved to give maximum product performance.


Tpo floor sweep

Tpo Floor Sweep

Loads will consist of both floor sweeps and strapping per pictures attached.