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Cellulose powder

Cellulose Powder

Cellulose powder is a white, odorless powder derived from the fibers of plants. Cellulose powder is insoluble in water and many other liquids; instead it tends to absorb water and other liquids and helps to flush impurities from the body. It is most often marketed as a powder, is reasonably priced and can be found at most health food stores.


Digital indicators , scanners & on-off controllers

Digital Indicators , Scanners & On-off Controllers

For displaying temp. of thermocouples, RTDs. Controlling temperature of freezer,oven,vessel and Furnace.


Suspension magnet

Suspension Magnet

Using the best quality materials, we produce suspended magnets. Suspended magnets are installed above the open conveyors to clear the ferrous objects and fines found in grains, feedstuffs, dry chemicals, and other particulates.


Testing & measuring workplace systems

Testing & Measuring Workplace Systems

Aarjay International Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1992 as the marketing arm of Elkay International Inc. with whom we entered into strategic partnership with global manufacturers of electronic and electromechanical components,


Ohaus weighing balances

Ohaus Weighing Balances

For more than 120 years since its foundation, Ohaus Corporation has worked on the development of new business and new fields of technology. A Contributing to Society through Science and Technology has been its corporate philosophy.


Model ace 500 series

Model Ace 500 Series

Gas purity Certification. Air Seperators & Liquification. Process Monitoring of Gaseous Monomers. Heat Treatment & Anealing. Inert Gas Welding of Exotic Metals


Kitchen tenstile

Kitchen Tenstile





our product is best quality


Handheld alloy

Handheld Alloy

Genius 5000 XRF is designed for on-site analysis in the wild, featuring small, light, precise, rapid, safe, convenient water proof and long- standby time.


Mobile rugged tablet pc-id80

Mobile Rugged Tablet Pc-id80

With applied the 3rd Atom CPU, the 8.4” rugged tablet PC consider the variable wireless solutions, sunlight readable feature, and the strong mechanical design to meet MIL-810F.


Chemical seal

Chemical Seal

Diaphragm sealed gauge commonly known as "chemical seal" gauge are designed and recommended to isolate the measuring system of a pressure gauge from corrosive, pasty or dangerous fluid depending on the viceosity, pressure, temperature, solidification of a particular process medium.


Draw frame load gauge

Draw Frame Load Gauge

Measures end loads of top rollers in draw frames, combers and lap formers Readings directly in kilograms Usable on all popular draw frames, comers, Lap formers


Oxygen analyser (0-1000 ppm) model : oa-10

Oxygen Analyser (0-1000 Ppm) Model : Oa-10

The Artech Trace Oxygen Analyser Model OA-10 uses an electrochemical microfuel cell to measure the concentration of oxygen in a gas stream. The cell produces an output which varies linearly with the ppm level of oxygen.


Air gauge unit pfl

Air Gauge Unit Pfl

Every gauge carries a calibration certificate giving actual values Module 1A, Module 2A giving the most economical solution to your inspection needs on shop floor High pressure system: high speed of response and self cleaning of gauging area ensures accurate reading of size, taper and ovality at a time


Concrete ultrasonic testing equipment (cute 103)

Concrete Ultrasonic Testing Equipment (cute 103)

Canopus Instruments is one of the top manufacturers & suppliers of concrete ultrasonic equipment, concrete ultrasonic testing, upv meter, ndt testing , composites India.


Single-stage pressure

Single-stage Pressure

regulators reduce cylinder pressure to delivery or outlet pressure in one step. The single stage regulator contains a single diaphragm and poppet. The high pressure gas enters the regulator through the inlet pressure


Analog pirani vacuum gauge

Analog Pirani Vacuum Gauge

Unique vacuum solutions pirani gauges have very wide range of applications where the vacuum measurement needs to be carried between 0.5 mbar to 0.001 mbar. Working principle: The sensor tube of the pirani gauge head consists of a high temperature co-efficient resistance filament. The filament is heated with a constant voltage supply


Dvg series

Dvg Series

Measurement range 0 to 760 mm of Hg • Space saving rugged design- 1/8 DIN console • Mounts in any orientation • Stainless steel body measuring cell with metal-sealed feed through • with universal power supply


Metal tube rotameters

Metal Tube Rotameters

Chemtrols offers a wide range of Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters) for various flow measuring applications; a convenient measuring instrument in field to monitor the flow at site in critical cooling, sampling and process applications.


Opacity / dust monitor - fm codel dcem2100

Opacity / Dust Monitor - Fm Codel Dcem2100

Unique dual beam non contact transmissometer for online Opacity/dust emission monitoring. Automatic lens contamination correction for both side optics.