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Leather and Leather Processing Machinery

Sx jacquard machine

Sx Jacquard Machine

The Stäubli SX electronic Jacquard machine is ideal for weaving flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical fabrics on all types of air jet, rapier and water jet machines. It produces excellent results in the form of terry cloth, decorative material, tapestry, silk fabric, apparels or seat covers, and technical fabrics. The SX Jacquard machines are available in two formats: 1408 or 2688 hooks


Cementing machine

Cementing Machine

Complete work bench equipped for spraying latex and water based adhesives with a spraying work surface of 76 or 164x64 cm wide and complete with pressurized spray system container, filter and vacuum system. also with front and lateral suction intake rims.


Clicking machine

Clicking Machine

Cutting Table 900 x 430 mm Arm Width 370 mm Maximum Cutting Power 22 t (216kN ) Maximum stroke 90 mm


Jumbo dryer

Jumbo Dryer

This machine has been conveived to dry the dyed edge of bags, straps, belts, shoulder straps, and leather goods in general. The machine is equipped with a transport belt driven by a asynchro motor controlled by and asynchronous motor controlled by an inverter to adjust the speed, a digial electronic thermo regulator to asdjust the interal temprature


Edge finishing machine

Edge Finishing Machine

Machine designed for polishing on the edges for small products made in leather or synthetic material. We have available many different accessories for edge finishing such as mills, abrasive wheels, brushes etc, to be chosen as per material to be worked. This is a single polishing unit that can be add to FCE & FC2E of our production.


Belt collector with automatic tip inking device

Belt Collector With Automatic Tip Inking Device

This machine has been conceived to automatically collect belts, straps, shoulder straps in general at the end of the edge finishing line. It is equipped with a conveyor band and a sensor that feels that the strap is coming. The belt is moved aside where its tip is dyed and sequentially dried. Before piling it up, it remains on the belt and this is an help to have the paint on the edge"stable" and also to make an extra operation (tip painting and drying) meanwhile the rest of the line is keeping sending belts so not reducing production. As per other inker made by M/S GALLI S.p.A. we remind that cleaning of the inking bracket is so simple as the operator has to use no keys to take it out from the machine.


Boot leg ironing machine

Boot Leg Ironing Machine

Independent regulation of the leg pressure opening * Mechanical detention adjustable leg opening, in order not to delicate materials * Equipped of PLC that manages the cycle machine, and that it guarantees reliability and easy


Manual stapling machine gram

Manual Stapling Machine Gram

GRAM is a manual stapling machine used in leather goods, footwear, saddlery, to join the leather edges,the belts loops, etc, by staples commercially available.


Gluing machine 992jc

Gluing Machine 992jc

Gluing machine with glue application on the top of the material.


Gluing machine 992

Gluing Machine 992

The machine GLUE 992 OMAC was created byOMAC for the users of Neoprene glues. Ideal for bonding the edges of the uppers, the edges of the soles, welts, leather strips, hinges and all those details that require specific glues.


Stamping machine 993m

Stamping Machine 993m

The 993 are embossing and stamping machines for different materials with our without foil. The machines have "CE" certificate equipped with all characteristics of actual rules.


Automatic-pneumatic numbering machine 700

Automatic-pneumatic Numbering Machine 700

Machine suitable to stamp and number with coloured bands too: belts, straps, etc. Cutting pressure 300 Kg. Technologicaly advanced, it is equipped with: Regolating guide to center on the numbering; Stamping system with regolable end-material sensor; Heat-regulator by electronic heat-control with feelerTermoregolatore con controllo elettronico della temperatura costante per mezzo di sonda fino a 250° C.; Electronic push-counter; Sure control with two push-buttons with synchro-time regulator as CEE specifications; Corpo numeratore di serie con 6 dischi numeratori + 23 porta cliché + 1 disco misure (taglia); Regolazione trasporto nastro con facile avvitamento a ghiera Temporizzatore elettronico per il tempo di stampatura. Working area 17 cm.


Automatic spray gluing machine lt400

Automatic Spray Gluing Machine Lt400

Lt400 is an automatic gluing machine programable by “PLC” suitable to glue and collect leather quadrants of the maximum sizes of 40 x 40 cm, with discharge of the processed material is done by a conveyor belt.


Model nsb beveling machine

Model Nsb Beveling Machine

The Fastest Beveling Machine Made - Save Time & Increases Production Nothing can beat the Randall NSB Beveling Machine for producing leather belts or strap goods with a smooth, round uniform edge. The NSB can finish both edges in one continuous operation (excluding point). Easy to operate, precise and economical, the NSB is easily adjusted to your work. Self adjusting gauges guide and hold the belt properly as it speeds through the machine. All parts are accessible for easy cleaning, changing cutting tools, etc. Its rigid construction assures dependable, uninterrupted service.


Single edge beveling machine

Single Edge Beveling Machine

Single edge beveling machine with a shaped knife to bevel edge of products made in leather or synthetic materials. Adaptable to all sectors of industry where products of irregular shape (such as bag handles, saddles, etc) need the edged trimmed round prior to painting or finishing.


Beveling machine for belts & straps

Beveling Machine For Belts & Straps

Quick Change rollers with latching pins Self-centering rollers Variable transport speed Adjustable strap guides Adjustable cutting width Adjustable roller opening Led lamp


Agata polishing machine

Agata Polishing Machine

The finest, quietest, fastest motor operated machine for polishing leather. It enhances crocodile, reptile, wild boar, veal, mutton, leather, etc. The AGATA has the advantage of operating with a rigid, semi-rigid, and spring movement. A maximum run of 6-5/8″ (220mm) and about 220 turns per minute (cycles). Equipped with safety equipment in compliance with current regulations.


Model b3 finisher

Model B3 Finisher

The B3 is a multiple purpose work station for various brushing, polishing, sanding, trimming, and grinding applications. Designed for shoe-repair, custom boot and shoe makers and orthopedic workshops


Folding: comelz, sagitta, usm

Folding: Comelz, Sagitta, Usm

We are the largest stockist in the UK of used shoe machinery. With 20 years experience supplying factories worldwide in the shoe, leather, automotive and textile industries.


Dcr clicking press

Dcr Clicking Press

OUR OWN BRAND AVAILABLE IN 18 - 25 TON MODELS We are the largest stockist in the UK of used shoe machinery. With 20 years experience supplying factories worldwide in the shoe, leather, automotive and textile industries.