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Renewable Energy Machinery

Planetary reducer gearbox and motor

Planetary Reducer Gearbox And Motor

We are the earliest enterprise developing and manufacturing independently MW class wind power gearboxes in China, As a leader in the wind power transmission field, we have the experience in wind power gearbox and yaw & pitch drives R & D, manufacturing, have provided over 12,000 sets of various wind power products for ten plus countries and regions cumulativelyover ten years development,through constant innovation and optimization, we have developed and manufactured the 750KW-6MW series wind turbine gearboxes and yaw & pitch drives with independent intellectual properties.Under the authorization of the Ministry of Science & Technology of the State in 2011, the “national engineering and technical center for wind power transmission and control components” was established.


Solar machineries

Solar Machineries

We are into the supply of refurbished /Used Solar module manufacturing machineries along with the accessories also as per customers requirements. As we have very good contacts in the International Market,we can assure the service and spare parts supply for our supplies.


Auto stringer and tabber machine

Auto Stringer And Tabber Machine

Save floor space High capacity High precision flux spraying system Infrared welding Sectional heated plate, more suitable to the welding process Auto CCD camera calibration Servo controlling system 2,3 ,4, 5 bus bar welding Capacity: 3000 pcs/h Can weld full cell and half cell


Easy series machines

Easy Series Machines

The Easy Series MMD systems are feature rich machines with compact design. The system is equipped with the same advanced automation capabilities as Twins Extensive series systems, and is specially designed to cater to processes that need relatively lower flow rate and material consumption


Mini-meter mix dispensing

Mini-meter Mix Dispensing

Mini-MMDs easily sits on a table and is very easy to move or operate in small workplaces. The system comes with all the advanced electronic controls and is suitable for potting unfilled materials.


 touch screen

Touch Screen

TSP 128 is the smaller Kernel PLC with touch screen operator panel integrated. It have a big number of inputs outputs on board, and a small price.