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Lab Supplies

Heating mantle

Heating Mantle

Laboratory Heating Mantle, a specialized laboratory equipment, is used for applying heat to containers. In contrast to other heating devices, the containers may be placed in direct contact with the heating mantle without the risk of the glassware getting shattered.


Melt flow index test apparatus

Melt Flow Index Test Apparatus

Kant Plastology feels abundantly pleased to offer a very sleek and compact design of MELT FLOW INDEX TESTER is rugged constructed machine with very precisely machined mechanical parts and accurate control on heating through PID temperature control.


 roll compactor- 60/25

Roll Compactor- 60/25

The all new KMRC60/25 is a Laboratory Roller Compactor, suitable for compacting very small quantities in R&D Laboratories. Especially suitable for testing material behavior during compaction as well as process study.


Measuring cylinders

Measuring Cylinders

Graduated cylinders are handy for accurate measurements of small volumes of liquid that cannot be done with beakers and flasks.A graduated cylinder is useful for measuring out liquids or for calibrating beakers and erlenmeyer flasks.




Conical Flask, Round/Flat bottom flask, burette, stop cocks, reaction flask, lid, pipettes, beakers, B.O.D. bottle, Bunsen burner, condensers, funnel, measuring cylinders/flask, kipps apparatus, separating funnel, thermometers, desiccators, , wolf bottle etc.


B.o.d. bottle

B.o.d. Bottle

with Interchangeable stopper Cap. ml 125 300


Conical flask

Conical Flask

apacity Ml. OC x Ht.mm Neck 100 70 x 110 34 250 74 x 134 36 500 97 x 170 47 1000 120 x 220 56


Heavy duty wood fiberglass tripod

Heavy Duty Wood Fiberglass Tripod

Combination of hardwood legs with fiberglass dowels provides stability and weather resistance Large aluminum head and leg hinges provide stable mounting base


Telescopic cover

Telescopic Cover

With a focus on the ever-evolving demands of our customers, we manufacture a wide range of uniquely designed Telescopic Cover.