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Wind Energy Products

 wind mill tower

Wind Mill Tower

Mfg. Of Wind Mill Tower



Brakes for wind power stations

Brakes For Wind Power Stations

KTR-STOP® brake systems display their full strength as Yaw Brakes for aligning and locking the turbine in the wind. The permanent change between »STOP and GO« requests for particularly low-wear components with gigantic locking pressure of up to 542 kN per brake in order to protect the turbine against wind gust and dynamic load permanently. On large turbines above one megawatt, up to twelve active disc brake calipers having such power are used.

KTR Couplings (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Wind power

Wind Power

The demand for power cable increased multifold during the last couple of years. The Company has restructured part of its plant to manufacture Power cables. Thus enabling optimum utilization of the existing facility to meet the high demand.

Surana Group


Wind hybird systems

Wind Hybird Systems

PSS Solar Home Lighting System is an environment friendly and cost effective solution for rural home lighting requirements. A typical home lighting system consists of 2 or 4 numbers of 9W energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lights, Solar Photovoltaic module, Battery and a Charge Controller. The Solar module charges the battery during daytime and the energy thus stored in the battery is used for powering the lights when required.

Premier Solar Systems Pvt Ltd


Wind-solar hybrid street light

Wind-solar Hybrid Street Light

Model: JY-TYNLD-002 Trademark: JY Origin: China Productivity: 1000PC/MONTH Min order: 10 SET Packing: Packages and Pallet

Nanjing KingSun Solar Technology Co., Ltd.